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Welcome to CrossFit Desert Valley

CrossFit Desert Valley is more than a gym, we are a community of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Our members include individuals from all walks of life working together to realize common fitness goals. Whether you are looking to lose weight, increase your overall fitness, train for an endurance race, or just be able to tackle every day obstacles CrossFit Desert Valley is for you. If yyou are not familiar with CrossFit take a minute to learn why it will help you achieve your fitness goals. We also invite you to workout with us for one week and experience CrossFit first hand.

CrossFit Can Change Your Life

CrossFit can literally change your life! CrossFit Desert Valley owner Tim Baldy learned this lesson first hand when he turned to CrossFit to help him on his weight loss journey. With changes to his diet and daily CrossFit workouts Tim was able to lose 180lbs in 9 months. Tim now shares his love of CrossFit by working with others looking to see change in their own lives.

Our Athletes



The people are my favorite thing about CrossFit. The sense of community is beyond anything I could have imagined. Every single CrossFitter I’ve met has only been positive and encouraging. It’s almost difficult to put into words the impact the coaches and other athletes have. They are CrossFit.


I love Crossfit because it is so much more than being physically fit. I am accomplishing goals I never thought were possible and I’ve become someone I didn’t think I could be or even deserved to be. It just blows my mind!


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Our Location

9245 E. Guadalupe Rd. Suite 103
Mesa, Arizona 85212


Monday – Friday: 5am – 6am | 6am – 7am | 8:30am* – 9:30am | 5:30pm – 6:30pm | 6:30pm – 7:30pm | 7:30pm – 8:30pm (except Friday) *Child care available

Saturday: 8am – 9am Olympic Weightlifting | 9am – 10am